Rubber Belts are a speciality of our PIX-CTA (Centre for Technology Advancement) division. PIX manufactures a variety of rubber Belts, such as Wrap, Raw Edge Cogged, Poly-V and Timing for all kinds of applications, which includes Industrial, Automotive, Agricultural, Horticultural and special applications.

PIX is a leading manufacturer and exporters of Rubber Belts that widely used in almost all industries.PIX Rubber Belts are engineered to work under the most demanding conditions, especially our high-end products and products reinforced with Aramid cords.

We provide a complete range of Rubber Belts products and services by leveraging our business expertise.Your search for a reliable supplier of quality rubber Belts should end here!

Special Construction Belts

Centre-corded, Flexible, Raw Edge Laminated Belts
High-strength, Timing+Poly-V Belts
PIX-Sentinel FFP®-XT2
Fin-fan, Timing/Synchronous Belts
Packaging Machinery, Ribbed/Poly -V Belts
Packaging Machinery, Timing/Synchronous Belts
Cotton-cleaner, Timing/Synchronous Belts
PIX-Echelon®-XS -PT-O
Cushion Top-profile wrap Belts
PIX-Textura®-XS -PT-HC
Honeycomb Top-profile Ceramic Belts
PIX-Ceramica®-XS -PT-6
Conical Top-profile Ceramic Belts
Serrated Top-Profile Carrot Harvesters Belts
Orange Cushion Top-Profile Long-length Ceramic Belts