PIX manufactures an extensive range of Industrial Belts, Textile Machinery Belts, Automotive Belts, Agricultural Belts, a wide range of Special Construction Belts to suit a wide array of applications.

The product range includes :

  • PIX-X’set® Wrapped Construction Belts
  • PIX-X’tra® Moulded Raw-Edge V-Belts
  • PIX-X’ceed® Ribbed / Poly V-Belts
  • PIX-X’act® Synchronous / Timing Belts
  • PIX-X'pedient® Polyurethane Belts and application-specific, Variable Speed Belts, Banded Belts in Wrapped and Raw Edge construction to suite industrial and agricultural applications.

Other special construction belts such as PIX-Duo®-XR (Double-Cogged), PIX-Duo®-XC (Double Ribbed), PIX-Duo®-XT (Double Timing), PIX-X’pedient® (Polyurethane Belts), PIX-Textura®, PIX-Duo®-XS (Hexagonal), Ceramica, Extractor & Echelon Belts.

The range is sensitized to application-specific demands and includes a variety of constructions based on the Aramid, tensile member, and cover/cushion/base compounds.

Product Range

Wrap Construction Belts
Raw Edge Cogged Belts
Ribbed / Poly-V Belts
Timing Synchronous Belts
Polyurethane Belts