• Combines the advantages of Timing and Poly-V Belts
    • Transverse teeth for positive engagement on one side and longitudinal ribs for non-synchronous frictional transmission on the other side
    • Suitable for multi-shaft transmission with reversed rotary directions of pulleys
    • Specially treated aramid cords for high tensile strength and adhesion
    • Anti-static, oil and heat resistant
    • Noise-free transmission
    • Operating temperature range -35°C to +130°C

Constructional Details

  1. Machined ribbed driving surface for maximum area of contact and reduced face pressure
  2. Special aramid cord for high tensile strength, excellent flex life and high resistance to elongation
  3. Specially designed rubber compound for high frictional grip
  4. Specially woven fabric on the sprocket side of the Synchronous profile, resistant to heat and abrasion, protecting the teeth from getting damaged

Product Range

Timing Belt Section No. of Ribs Length Range (mm)
8M 6 bis 126 6 bis 95 1200 - 4400
S8M 6 bis 126 6 bis 95 1200 - 3200
5M 6 bis 117 6 bis 88 1200 - 4578

Reference standards

RMA / MPTA IP-26, ISO 13050


Rice & Flour Mills, Food-grain Industry

Product Label