• Highly flexible with longitudinal toughness to ensure perfect tooth meshing
    • No dust-generation or flaking, while in operation
    • Homogeneous, throughout its cross-section by the thermoset moulding process
    • Superior wear and abrasion resistance
    • High resistance to oil and grease
    • Excellent resistance to ageing, UV and ozone
    • Low vibrations and reduced noise levels
    • Operating temperature range: -30°C to +80°C (up to +110°C for a short period)

Constructional Details

  1. Polyurethane Teeth offers low noise and wear resistance
  2. High tensile steel cord tension member offers high dimensional stability
  3. Polyurethane backing ensures superb resistance to adverse environmental conditions

Product Range

Section Pitch (mm) Tooth Height (mm) Belt Thickness (mm) Manufacturing Range Length Designation
T5 5.0 1.20 2.20 T5-120 to T5-1955 Lp
AT5 5.0 1.20 2.70 AT5-225 to AT5-2000 Lp
T10 10.0 2.50 4.50 T10-250 to T10-3330 Lp
AT10 10.0 2.50 4.50 AT10-250 to AT10-2350 Lp

Reference Standards

ISO 17396, DIN 7721


Office automation equipment, vending machines, machine tools and pumps, textile machines, paper manufacturing machines, printing machinery, medical equipment, optical instruments, food processing equipment, packaging machinery, robotics and plotters.

Note Text

Premium polymer construction Belts are available, upon request.

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