• Higher power transmission capacity
    • Superior transverse stiffness for lateral support as well as elevated wear-resistance
    • Multi-layered bottom fabric, to restrict the formation of cracks and supports application involving acute reverse bends
    • Anti-static, oil and heat resistant
    • Suitable for reverse flexing in applications involving back-idlers
    • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

Constructional Details

  1. Special top fabric layer protects the belt from external damage
  2. Specially treated aramid cords for high tensile strength, minimum elongation, and offers strength to sustain shock loads
  3. Fibre-filled base compound enhances the power rating factor
  4. Multi-layer fabric provides extra strength, acts as a crack-barrier in reverse bend conditions, offers superior wear resistance, allows the Belt to dis-engage smoothly during clutching operation, and increases service life

Product Range

Section Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Angle (Degree) Manufacturing Range Unit of Measurement Length Designation
Min. Max.
ML-4LX 12.7 7.9 36 21.5 200 inch La
ML-5LX 16.7 9.7 36 21.5 200 inch La


Lawn mowers, tillers, agricultural equipment, etc.

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