Maintenance free Belts

PIX’s overwhelming desire to be at the “Cutting Edge” in the Power Transmission field has culminated in the launch of the 'MUSCLE' range of maintenance-free Belts. Put simply, 'MUSCLE', is the ultimate V-Belt,  offering superior-high power rating, Maintenance free Belts, and eco-friendly environment.Years of consultation with their customers and consideration of the changing world's requirements have resulted in PIX providing the "Perfect Solution."

PIX offers two types of Maintenance free Belts:

1.    PIX-Muscle-XS3 (High-power, Maintenance-free Wrap Belts), also available in Banded Belt construction
2.    PIX-Muscle-XR4 and PIX-Muscle-XR3 (High-power, Maintenance-free, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts)

PIX Maintenance free Belts are produced to comply with the latest REACH directives & RoHS regulations.The special Belt compound does not emit any toxic substances, either during manufacture, or when running during use.The revolutionary design of the compound performs well in adverse conditions, such as high temperatures, UV or Ozone exposure, and chemically aggressive environments.MUSCLE shows remarkable performance characteristics in terms of elongation and slippage – minimising energy loss.These Belts are Maintenance free Belts, no re-tensioning is required.

PIX-Muscle®–XR3 High-power, Maintenance-free, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Experience the product

Our stunning interactive 3D Belt model allows viewers to get a hands-on experience with products by allowing them to view them from any angle or scale with rich rendering.


  • Exceptionally high power rating up to 50% more than standard Belts
  • Special cog design facilitates enhanced flexibility and quicker heat dissipation
  • High transmission efficiency up to 98%, providing optimum output
  • Maintenance-free property of the Belt ensures less machine downtime and an extended service life
  • Complies with ISO 1813 for anti-static property
  • Space saving potential
  • REACH & RoHS compliant provides an eco-friendly system
  • Smooth operation with a minimum tension-drop
  • Compatible with back idlers
  • Temperature range: -35°C to +130°C

Constructional Details

  1. High strength, maintenance free, premium cord for lower belt elongation
  2. Fiber reinforced EPDM base compound offers excellent heat resistance and minimizes abrasion for longer service life
  3. Specially Engineered cog design enhanced belt flexibility and accelerated heat dissipation rate


Intermediate sizes are available upon request

Reference Standard

BS 3790, ISO 4184, RMA IP-22


High-temperature industrial drives, Compressors, Blowers, High-power presses, Hot rolling mills, Textile machinery, ID fan, FD fans, Excavators, Pumps, Generators, Pulverisers, etc.

Product Range

Section Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Angle (Degree) Min. Pully Dia.(mm) Manufacturing Range Length Designation
Min. (inch / mm) Max. (inch / mm)
MF3-XPZ 10.0 8.0 36 56 21.5 / 550 200 / 5000 Lp
MF3-XPA 13.0 10.0 36 71 21.5 / 550 200 / 5000 Lp
MF3-XPB 16.3 14.0 36 112 21.5 / 550 200 / 5000 Lp
MF3-XPC 22.0 18.0 38 180 23.5 / 600 200 / 5000 Lp
MF3-3VX 9.7 8.0 38 56 21.5 / 546 200 / 5000 La
MF3-5VX 15.8 13.5 38 112 21.5 / 546 200 / 5000 La

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FAQ - Maintenance-Free Belts

What are Maintenance-Free Belts?

Maintenance-Free Belts, also known as self-tensioning Belts or no-maintenance Belts, are engineered to require minimal or no adjustments or lubrication throughout their service life.

How do Maintenance-Free Belts differ from traditional Belts?

Traditional Belts often require periodic adjustments, tension checks, and lubrication to maintain optimal performance, while Maintenance-Free Belts are designed to operate without these regular maintenance tasks.

What types of Maintenance-Free Belts are available?

Maintenance-Free Belts are available in various configurations, including Timing Belts, serpentine Belts, and some specialized V-Belts or ribbed Belts engineered for specific applications.

What materials are Maintenance-Free Belts made from?

They are typically made from high-quality materials such as advanced rubber compounds, specialized fibers, or materials that reduce friction and wear, contributing to their maintenance-free characteristics.

How often should Maintenance-Free Belts be replaced?

These Belts have extended service lives compared to traditional Belts. Replacement intervals are usually longer and are based on the manufacturer's recommendations and regular inspections.

What are signs that a Maintenance-Free Belt needs replacement?

Signs include visible wear, fraying, cracking, loss of tension, increased noise during operation, reduced efficiency, or reaching the recommended service life specified by the manufacturer.

Can I replace a Maintenance-Free Belt myself?

Replacing a Maintenance-Free Belt might be similar to replacing traditional Belts, but specific knowledge and tools may still be necessary. Professional assistance is recommended for precision.

How can I maintain a Maintenance-Free Belt for optimal performance?

While they are termed maintenance-free, regular inspections for wear, alignment checks, and following manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules remain essential for longevity.

Can extreme conditions affect Maintenance-Free Belt performance?

Extreme conditions can affect these Belts, but their design often mitigates these effects. However, regular inspection and adherence to maintenance schedules are still crucial.

What benefits do Maintenance-Free Belts offer?

Maintenance-Free Belts offer reduced maintenance costs, increased reliability, extended service life, and less downtime compared to traditional Belts, enhancing overall operational efficiency.