PIX offers a wide range of heavy duty v Belts, offering higher power rating, life and compact drives.

1. PIX-Muscle®-XR4; Superior, High-power, maintenance-free, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts
2. PIX-Muscle®-XR3; High-power, Maintenance-free, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts
3. PIX-Muscle®-XS3; High-power, Maintenance-free, Wrap Belts
4. PIX-Terminator®-HXS; Heavy-duty, High-power, Banded Wrap Belts

PIX-Muscle® series of heavy duty v Belts deliver high power ratings up to 50% over the standard Belts. They are recommended for high-temperature industrial drives, compressors, blowers, high power presses, hot rolling mills, textile industry, excavators, pumps and generators. High transmission efficiency up to 98%, resulting in enhanced productivity of these heavy duty v Belts and reduced cost of ownership.

PIX-Terminator® -HXS is heavy duty v belts, offering high power rating up to 70% over standard Wrap Banded Belts. They are widely used in applications involving vibrating screens, reclaimers, pulverisers, heavy-duty mixers, forestry woodcutters, wood chipping machines, etc.

The superior service life of these heavy duty v Belts ensures a higher return on investment.


PIX-Thermal®-XC High-temperature Poly-V Belts


    • High power transmission capacity
    • Suitable for small pulley diameters
    • Maximum Belt linear speed up to 60 m/sec
    • Extended service life
    • High temperature resistant from  -35°C to +130°C

Constructional Details

  1. Specially designed top fabric for enhanced lateral stiffness and flexibility, protects the Belt from oil, grease or dust
  2. EPDM Polyester tension member for minimal elongation, facilitating the maintenance-free drive
  3. Fibre-loaded EPDM compression rubber offers high thermal resistance and enhanced dimensional stability

Product Range

Section Thickness (mm) Rib Pitch (mm) Min. Pulley Dia. (mm) No. of possible Ribs Manufacturing Range Length Designation
Min. (mm) Max. (mm)
HT-PJ 3.80 2.34 20.0 2 to 235 280 5000 Le
HT-PK 4.50 3.56 45.0 2 to 150 280 5000 Le
HT-PL 7.60 4.70 75.0 2 to 110 500 5000 Le

Reference standards

RMA IP-26, ISO 9982, DIN 7867


Lawnmowers, dryers, wet grinders, washing machines, generators, etc

Product Label