Aramid Cord Belts

PIX Aramid Cord Belts stand as the pinnacle in the realm of industrial belts, renowned for their unparalleled strength, reliability, and versatility. Engineered with aramid fibers of exceptional durability, these belts serve as indispensable components across a spectrum of industries, offering unmatched performance in demanding environments.
Unmatched Strength and Durability
The aramid cord used in PIX belts sets a new standard for durability. Aramid fibers, known for their exceptional tensile strength and resistance to abrasion, ensure prolonged operational life, even in the most challenging conditions. This inherent toughness makes PIX Aramid Cord Belts the top choice for industries requiring reliability under extreme stress.
Applications Across Diverse Industries
PIX Aramid Cord Belts find applications across an array of industries, from automotive to heavy machinery, owing to their superior performance characteristics. These belts play a critical role in power transmission, conveying systems, and other high-load applications, where resilience and endurance are paramount.
Enhanced Efficiency and Performance
The utilization of aramid cords in PIX belts enhances operational efficiency. Their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio allows for smoother and more efficient power transmission, reducing energy losses and improving overall system performance.
Environmental Adaptability
PIX Aramid Cord Belts demonstrate remarkable resilience in diverse environments. Whether it's high-temperature environments, exposure to chemicals, or heavy-duty operations, these belts maintain their structural integrity and performance, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
Commitment to Quality and Innovation
PIX's commitment to quality and innovation shines through in their Aramid Cord Belts. Continual research and development efforts ensure that these belts meet and exceed industry standards, providing customers with reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

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  • Higher breaking strength at almost 3 to 4 times higher than that of polyester cord, which provides for exceptional resistance under pulsating loads.
  • Compelling modulus ratio that contributes to lower Belt elongation.
  • Excellent impact and shock resistance property
  • Superior flex rate which enables improves belt life
  • Outstanding resistance to heat or thermal degradation

Product Range

Material Tensile strength in lb/in2 % Elongation at break
Polyester 162000 14
Aramid 400000 4

Aramid cord Belts are recommended, where :

  • Subject to heavy shock loads
  • Require superior tensile strength from the tension member
  • Allow minimal scope for elongation

FAQ - Aramid Cord Belts

What are Aramid Cord Belts?

Aramid Cord Belts are a type of rubber belt reinforced with aramid fibers, known for their high strength, heat resistance, and durability.

What are aramid fibers?

Aramid fibers are synthetic fibers known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and heat resistance. They are used in various high-performance applications, including aerospace and military gear.

What makes Aramid Cord Belts different from standard rubber belts?

Aramid Cord Belts use aramid fibers (like Kevlar) as reinforcement, providing higher tensile strength and resistance to stretching compared to traditional rubber belts

What are the advantages of Aramid Cord Belts?

They offer superior strength, heat resistance, flexibility, and reduced stretch compared to conventional rubber belts. These belts are suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Where are Aramid Cord Belts commonly used?

They're often used in high-load and high-temperature applications such as in heavy machinery, automotive engines, industrial equipment, and power transmission systems.

Are Aramid Cord Belts more expensive than standard rubber belts?

Yes, Aramid Cord Belts tend to be more expensive due to the costlier aramid fibers used in their construction. However, their durability and performance justify the higher cost in many applications.

Do Aramid Cord Belts require special maintenance?

While they're durable, regular maintenance is still necessary. Inspections for wear, proper tensioning, and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or chemicals are recommended.

Wie misst man die Größe von Keilriemen?

V Riemen, die auf einer Riemenmessmaschine gemessen werden (der Riemen wird auf zwei identischen Pylonen unter Last installiert, und die Riemenlänge wird auf der Grundlage des Meterabstands und der Formel berechnet)

Can Aramid Cord Belts withstand high temperatures?

Yes, the aramid fibers used in these belts offer excellent heat resistance, allowing them to perform well in high-temperature environments compared to standard rubber belts.

Can Aramid Cord Belts be used in all applications?

While they offer exceptional performance, the suitability of Aramid Cord Belts depends on specific application requirements. Consulting with manufacturers or experts is advisable.