Aramid Cord Belts

Experience the product

Our stunning interactive 3D Belt model allows viewers to get a hands-on experience with products by allowing them to view them from any angle or scale with rich rendering.


  • Higher breaking strength at almost 3 to 4 times higher than that of polyester cord, which provides for exceptional resistance under pulsating loads.
  • Compelling modulus ratio that contributes to lower Belt elongation.
  • Excellent impact and shock resistance property
  • Superior flex rate which enables improves belt life
  • Outstanding resistance to heat or thermal degradation

Product Range

Material Tensile strength in lb/in2 % Elongation at break
Polyester 162000 14
Aramid 400000 4

Aramid cord Belts are recommended, where :

  • Subject to heavy shock loads
  • Require superior tensile strength from the tension member
  • Allow minimal scope for elongation