PIX-PolyStretch®-XC Elasticated Poly-V Belts

Experience the product

Our stunning interactive 3D Belt model allows viewers to get a hands-on experience with products by allowing them to view them from any angle or scale with rich rendering.


  • Low noise levels
  • The self-tensioning property, maintains the Belt tension through its life
  • Enhanced power transmission because of optimum contact area
  • Easy installation
  • Increased service life
  • Moulded Belts offer superior dimensional stability
  • Temperature range: -35°C to +130°C

Constructional Details

  1. Top rubber specially designs for better lateral stiffness & flexibility. It protects the belt from external agents such as Oil, grease, dust etc
  2. Specially designed Polyamide tension member for easy installation & to self-maintain uniform tension throughout the belt life
  3. THe rubber compound of high abrasion & thermal resistance to maintain the profile dimension for longer service life


M-PS Belt range is exhaustive. Specific Belt length can be manufactured, based upon the availability of mould

Reference Standard

RMA IP-26, ISO 9982, JASO E-109


Automotive Engines

Product Range

Section Thickness (mm) Rib Pitch (mm) No. of Possible Ribs Manufacturing Range Length Desg.
Min. (mm) Max. (mm)
M-PS-PK 4.5 3.56 2 to 68 300 750 Le
PS-PK 4.5 3.56 2 to 136 500 2500 Le

Product Label