Combine Belts

PIX-Combine Belts offer excellent performance under variable speed conditions. The high tensile strength of PIX-Combine Belts offers minimal elongation, while the compounding of the Combine Belts provides exemplary friction characteristics along with a good oil-resistance and anti-static properties.

PIX-Combine Belts are available in Wrap, Raw Edge Cogged, and Poly-V constructions. Further variants are available in Variable speed Belts, Flat Belts, Banded Belts, Raw Edge Plain constructions etc.

Combine Belts are used in Harvester Combines, PIX offers Combine Belts for most of the combine manufacturers across the world.

PIX manufactures an exhaustive range of Belts used in Harvester Combines. The range includes Belts in

Wrap Construction Combine Belts


  • High power transmission capacity than standard Belts
  • Specially designed for reverse idler application
  • High longitudinal flexibility suitable for small pulley / reverse idler drives
  • High strength tensile member with minimum elongation prevent the Belt against shock-loads
  • No bottom cracking/chipping, as Belt design is application-specific
  • Suitable for reverse bend drive
  • Anti-static, oil & heat resistant
  • Lateral rigidity along the sides of the Belt prevents Belt deformation
  • Significant performance under variable speed conditions
  • Low stretch due to high tensile strength cord
  • Temperature range:
    • -18°C to 80°C for standard Belts
    • - 25°C to 100°C for special requirement Belts

Product Range


Classical section: A, B, C, D, E, 20, 25

Wedge section: SPZ, SPA, SPB, 19, SPC

Narrow Section : 3V, 5V, 8V

PIX-Harvester®-HXS Banded Belts

Section : HA, HB, HC, HD, HE, HSPZ, HSPA, HSPB, HSPC, H3V, H5V

PIX-Harvester®-VS Variable Speed Belts

Sections: 25x13, 32x15, 38x18, 45x20, 51x22, 13x11, 15x9, 19x11, 21x9, 22x11, 22x16, 22x16, 30x12, 33x22,38x23, 40x20, 55x22, 60x25, 68x24

PIX-Harvester®-DS Hexagonal Belts

Section : AA, BB, CC, 25, DD


Sections: 3L, 4L, 5L

PIX-MUSCLE®-XS3 High Power, Maintenance-free Belts

Sections: SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V, 5V, 8V

PIX-Harvester®-AGF Flat Belts

Sections: 50Fx6, 75Fx6, 80Fx6, 95Fx6, 100Fx6, 114Fx6, 120Fx6, 125Fx6, 127Fx6, 135Fx6, 140Fx6, 150Fx6

Reference Standard

BS 3790, DIN 2215, RMA IP 22, ISO 4184, IS 2494, IS 11038, ISO 3410, BS 3733, ASAE 211.3 & 4

Moulded Raw Edge Cogged, Harvester Belts


  • Higher power transmission capacity than standard Belts
  • Enhanced longitudinal flexibility due to the specially designed cog profile
  • Suitable for drives using smaller diameter pulleys and high RPM
  • Suitable for reverse bend drive
  • Anti-static, oil & heat resistant
  • Unique combination of lateral rigidity to reduce dishing the effect, offering improved power transmission
  • Specially designed compound for significant performance under variable speed conditions
  • No bottom cracking/chipping, as Belt design is application-specific
  • Low stretch due to high tensile strength cord used in the Belt

Product Range


Classical section: AX, BX, CX

Wedge section: XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC

Narrow section: 3VX, 5VX

PIX-Harvester®-HXR Banded Belts


PIX-Harveser®-XV Variable Speed Belts

Sections: 22V-A22/1422V, 30V-A22/1922V, 37V-A22/2322V, 30V-A26/1926V, 46V-A26/2926V, 51V-A26/3226V, 40V-A30/2530V, 51V-A30/3230V, 70V-A30/4430V, 64V-A36/4036V, 70V-A36/4436V, 76V-A36/4836V, XHG, XHH, XHI, XHJ, XHK, XHL, XHM, XHN, XHO

PIX-Duo®-XV Double Cog Variable Speed Belts

Top width from 13mm to 85mm, Angle 22º to 40º, Range from 23.5" to 200"

PIX-Duo®-XR Hexagonal Double Cog Belts

Sections: AAX, BBX, CCX

PIX-Force® Automotive Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Sections: X9.5 / AVX10, X12.5 / AVX13, X10A, X11A, X13A, X15A, X17A, X20A