PIX-Duo®-XS Agricultural, Double-sided, Hexagonal Wrap Belts

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  • Transmits power from both sides of the Belt.
  • The center cord provides high tensile strength and low stretch.
  • Special design provides excellent flexibility required in twin power drives.
  • Enhanced product life.
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C.

Constructional Details

  1. Wear-resistant bias-cut neoprene rubberised polyester cotton fabric
  2. High tenacity, the low stretch tension member
  3. High modulus compression rubber.


Intermediate sizes are available upon request

Reference Standard

BS 3733: 1974, ASAE 211-3 & 4


Rice Mills, Husker Machines, Serpentine Drives, Poultry feather-pickers, Dyeing Units

Product Range

Section Dimension Min. Pulley Dia. (mm) Manufacturing Range Length Desg.
Top width (mm) Thickness (mm) Angle (Degree) Min. (inch) Max. (inch)
AG-AA 13.0 10.0 40 80.0 48" 258" Le
AG-BB 17.0 14.0 40 125.0 43" 930" Le
AG-CC 22.0
17.0 40 224.0 77" 930" Le
AG-25 25.0 22.0 40 280.0 92" 925" Le

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