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The confirmation of this order shall constitute the contract and shall be given in writing within two days of receipt of this order, failing which, acceptance will be presumed to have been given by the Supplier

2. Refer to the link for the supplier code of conduct



  1. All items supplied by the Supplier against this order should be in accordance and in full conformity with our specifications, drawings, and samples, if any, approved by the Company.
  2. All Material supplied to any of our Locations should be free from banned substances like Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, etc.
  3. The Supplier warrants that all goods/ services to be furnished under this order shall be free from all defects latent or inherent, and faults in materials, workmanship, or manufacture. This warranty shall survive inspection of, payment for, and acceptance of goods but shall expire (except in respect of complaints notified to the Supplier prior to such date) 12 months after the receipt at the Company's Works
  4. Materials purchased are subject to the Company's inspection and approval at the Company's Works, regarding quantity and specifications. The Company's inspection does not relieve the supplier of the guarantee or responsibility to furnish satisfactory materials. If all or the materials are not of the quality specified or required, they may be either rejected or accepted at a price fixed by the Company. The Company's decision as to rejection and the price fixed for acceptance shall be final and binding on the Supplier. The Supplier will be responsible for and liable to replace or repair rejected items free of cost. In the event of an unreasonable delay on the Supplier's part in the replacement of rejected goods, the Company reserves the right to cancel the contract and buy the requirements from the open market and recover the loss if any from the Supplier
  5. The Supplier will arrange to collect at his cost the rejected materials within a week from the Receipt of such information. During this period the materials will be stored by the Company at the Supplier's risk. If the Supplier fails to collect the rejected materials within this period, the Company shall be entitled to dispose it off and remit the proceeds therefrom to the Supplier after retaining actual disposal costs incurred by the Company
  6. Supplier must provide the following documents along with material (a) Tax invoice copy in triplicate with clearly mention of Purchase Order No & date. (b) Material Test Certificate. (c) Dimensional Report. (d) Any other reports if applicable. (e) Any EHS relevant information pertaining to Product/Process/Services to enable us to comply with such requirement in our pursue for environmental protection
  7. Supplier must supply material manufactured in single batch number only. In case of multiple batch numbers it is necessary to identify each batch material on COA, packing Sheet and physically identifiable @ PIX Stores Location .
  8. Supplier must communicate PIX and take necessary approval in case of any specification/ Engineering changes at supplier end for the material


Time of delivery is the essence of this order. In case of delay of this order than specified lead time, the Company can recover from the Supplier by way of liquidated damages a sum of 0.5% of total PO value per week but not exceeding 15% of total value.

5. Vehicle Driver should carry a Valid Driving License and Emission Certificate of the vehicle and other statutory requirement as per RTO norms for the material in ward in plant

6. Driver should adhere to the stipulated speed limit inside our company premises

7. Material Overload is not permissible (more than vehicle’s capacity)

8. Supplier will maintain full and sufficient insurance cover with a first class insurance company in respect of your liabilities arising under or in connection with our purchase order or required by statute. When requested by us supplier need to produce evidence confirming that such cover is in place

9. Company reserve the right to cancel the purchase order without liability and to return any goods if the purchase order is not fulfilled within the time specified.


i. The Supplier is responsible for and shall pay all taxes, charges, levies and duties of any nature payable in connection with the supply of the goods/services under this contract to the respective Government authorities. It is also the duty of the Supplier to upload the details of their sales/services in the Goods and Service Tax (GST) portal as per the due dates without fail. In case the GST credit does not flow to Pix Transmission Limited through the GST portal, Pix Transmission Limited shall have every right to deduct/withhold the payments of the same from any payment due to the Supplier. The Supplier shall indemnify Pix Transmission Limited in case of any interest, penalty or fine imposed by the Government authorities due to non-compliance of the GST law by the Supplier.

ii. If Supplier aggregate turnover in a financial year exceeds Five Crore Rupees exceeds then you supplier have to mention IRN & QR Code on all Invoices issued to company else mention declaration as : “Our aggregate turnover does not exceed prescribed limit, hence we are not liable to issue Invoice as per Sub Rule 4 Rule 48 of Central Goods & Services Tax Rules 2017.”


Acceptance of any of the goods shall not discharge the Supplier from liability for damages or in part any contract or other legal remedy for breach of conditions or warranty contained herein or implied by law in India

12. The Company will not be in any way liable for non-performance either in whole or in part of contract or for any delay in performance thereof in consequence of strike, shortage of labour or lockout, breakdown or accident to machinery or other accident of whatever nature and all causes of whatsoever nature beyond the Company's control. Under such circumstances, the Company reserve the right to rescind the contract either in whole or in part.

13. Any issue arising out of this contract will be subject to the court of competent jurisdiction in Nagpur.