Reduce, Reuse, and RECYCLE with PIX Belts!

The renewed focus on sustainability has given an even higher impetus to the recycling of waste in recent times. The Recycling process includes stages such as sorting, cleaning, size reduction, separation, and pelletizing. PIX Belts are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions and offer a wide range of products for Recycling applications.

PIX-Muscle ®-HXS3
(High-power, Maintenance-free, Banded Wrap Belts)

  • Superior power transmission capacity up to 60% more than the standard single Belts
  • Specially engineered cord for maintenance-free operation
  • Superior compound design for high thermal resistance and extended service life
  • Top curvature provides superior adhesion and accelerate heat dissipation rate
  • Controlled radial and lateral run-out facilitates smooth operation
  • Anti-static oil and heat resistance
  • REACH & RoHS compliant, provides an eco-friendly system
  • Temperature range -25°C to +100°C
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(Heavy-duty, Aramid-corded, Wrap Belts)

  • Superior power transmission capacity up to 55% more than the standard Belts
  • Specially treated outer tough cover fabric reduces sidewall wear rate and offers enhanced flexibility
  • Special frictionless fabric and design to enhance heat dissipation rate
  • Special aramid cord for high tensile strength and minimum elongation
  • Designed to exhibit excellent durability, strength, abrasion and wear resistance
  • Superior performance under heavy shock and impulse loads
  • Temperature range -25°C to +100°C
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(Classical / Wedge / Narrow Section Belts)

  • Special CR treated outer jacketing fabric for higher durability
  • Anti-static, oil & heat resistant
  • Maximum Belt linear speed (Classical section: up to 30 m/sec, Wedge section: up to 42 m/sec, Narrow section: up to 45 m/sec)
  • ATEX certified FRAS Belts are also available
  • Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C
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