PIX-FarmCruiser® Agricultural Rubber Tracks

PIX Transmissions Ltd., one of the world’s leading power transmission solution providers has become the first Indian company to commence the production and launch of heavy duty rubber tracks for agricultural applications. FarmCruiser® is an outcome of tired-less efforts of its core R&D Team at "Centre of Technology Advancement". The field trials of the product have been encouraging, with an edge over the other tracks available in the market.

Salient features:

  • High Traction: For carrying heavy load machines with perfect grip even over the wet soil
  • Perfect length stability: Gives flexibility to work even on uneven surfaces and slopes
  • High Endurance: For extending the durability of track
  • Anti-moisture: Anti-moisture ability makes it best for agricultural use
  • Anti-impact ability: Reduces vibrations and driving fatigue in the machine

Construction Details

1) Rubber embedded forged high spring steel metal links
2) High tenacity, twisted brass coated steel wires
3) Wear resistant high tensile rubber compound
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