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Sustainable practices towards environment preservation and human safety is an increasingly critical responsibility of any manufacturing organization. At PIX, we are deeply committed to this cause and have invested significantly in this regard.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is achieved by the use of eco-friendly material and practices required in the manufacturing process to an optimum level.

The industrial waste water which is generated during the manufacturing process is treated at our Effluent Treatment Plant and recycled for the gardening purposes.

The domestic waste water is treated at our Sewage Treatment Plant and also reutilized for green landscaping purposes. PIX products are free from any candidate substance of high concern according to directives of REACH/ROHS from the EU. The level of sound generated during the manufacturing process is monitored at regular intervals and maintained below 75 decibels as per the strict norms& directives. In enclosed areas where noise levels exceed the desired levels, partitions/chambers are provided for better sound dissipation. The SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) level of the chimney is also regularly monitored by at frequent intervals and maintained by PIX. The use of “green” fuel like biomass briquettes instead of Furnace oil has also contributed significantly to achieving a sustainable and pleasant work environment.