PIX-PowerWare® Pulleys

PIX-PowerWare® Pulleys

PIX has always been the innovators and pioneers in the mechanical power transmission and the related products. Innovations, up-gradation and providing value added products has always been the passion with PIX.

To fulfill its commitment of providing a complete “Power Transmission Solution” to its users, the company has also added PIX-PowerWare® Pulleys and Bushes to its range of V-Belts.

The introduction of PowerWare® Pulleys and Bush in the range would facilitate the users to achieve optimum power transmission from drives consisting of PIX-PowerWare® Pulley with the matched PIX V-Belt. It will also help users in getting a complete power transmission solution comprising of Pulleys, Bush and the Belts from the same manufacturer thus eliminating the chances of mismatch.

PIX-PowerWare® Pulleys and Bushes are made as per international standards and follow a strict manufacturing procedure in accordance with the ISO standards.

V-Belt Pulleys
Poly-V Pulleys
Timing Pulleys


Pulleys :
  • Manufactured from grey cast iron
  • Pulley & pulley groove specification conforms to IS 3142 & ISO 4183 standards
  • Ease of installation and removal
  • Facilitates easy selection of different bore and key-way requirements
  • Statically balanced
Bushes :
  • Ease of installation and removal
  • Facilities interchangeability

Product Range :

V-Belt Pulleys:
Poly-V Pulleys:
Timing Pulleys:
  • 1008, 1108, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517, 2525, 3020, 3030, 3525, 3535, 4040, 4545, 5050

Types Of Pulleys

  Poly-V Pulleys:

Solid Poly-V Pulleys
Arm-type Poly-V Pulleys

  Timing Pulleys:

Plain Bore Timing Pulleys
Finished Bore Dual-flange Pulleys
Finished Bore Dual-flange Pulleys
Finished Bore Dual-flange Pulleys
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