Lawn & Garden Machinery Belts

PIX-X’set® Wrap Construction Belts

lawn mower belts


  • Special CR treated outer jacketing fabric for higher durability
  • Anti-static, oil & heat resistant
  • Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C

PIX-X’set® Duraband XS Banded Belts

lawn mower Banded


  • Anti-static, oil and heat resistant
  • Extended service life
  • Manufactured through a single-stage-curing process for superior adhesion and dimensional stability
  • Suitable for shock load drives
  • Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C

PIX-Kevlar® Cord Belts

kevlar Belts


  • Kevlar® cord is used as reinforcement to provide high tensile strength and longer service life
  • Provides efficient Power transmission and smoother operation in severe shock loads
  • Suitable in the conditions where the power transmission requirements are very critical
  • Extremely low elongation; no slippage, no re-tensioning is required
  • Belts can be manufactured with Kevlar®/aramid cord as the tension member depending on application
  • Provides better performance characteristics as compared to polyester cords

Cord type Tensile strength lb/in2 % Elongation at break
Polyester 162000.0 14.0
Kevlar® 400000.0 4.0

PIX-DuraBand®-XR Banded Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts

PIX-X'tra® Raw Edge Cogged Belts are highly flexible and offers high power transmission capacity, they are best suited for smaller diameter pulleys, running at high speeds.


  • Higher power transmission capacity than Wrapped Belts
  • Suitable for drives using smaller diameter pulleys and high RPM
  • Anti-static, oil & heat resistant
  • Special cog design for enhanced flexibility and heat dissipation rate
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

PIX-DuraBand®-XR Banded Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts


  • Enhanced power transmission capacity up to 25%
  • Lesser number of Belts are required as compared to a multiple single-Belt drive
  • Eliminates chance of a mismatch in the length as observed in multiple single-Belt drive
  • Anti-static, oil and heat resistant
  • Superior heat dissipation rate
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C
  • ATEX certified FRAS Belts are also available

PIX-X’ceed® Ribbed / Poly-V Belts

V-Ribbed Belts, also termed as Poly V-Belts, can be described as flat cord-reinforced transmission Belts with triangular shaped ribs running along its length with an angle of 40°. The construction facilitates an excellent support to all cords in the reinforcement and therefore an even load distribution is achieved.

Some of the significant features of these Belts are:

  • High power transmission capacity
  • Suitable for small pulley diameters
  • Maximum Belt linear speed up to 50 m/Sec
  • Highly flexible, noise free & smooth running
  • Can be used for speed ratios up to 1:30
  • Anti-static oil & heat resistant
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

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