PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts

PIX-Duo® -XT Double-sided Timing Belts


PIX Double Sided Timing Belts are specially designed with teeth on the both sides to provide positive engagement and for synchronized power transmission capacity. These belts offer alternative solutions to gears & roller chains with multi pulley and reverse rotation drives.


  • Facilitates power transmission from both sides of the Belt
  • Highly flexible
  • Extended stability, durability, strength and life
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C
  • Reference standards: ISO 13050, ISO 5296, BS 4548


Textile units, paper packaging & printing machines, hand-held power tools, food processors, office equipment, currency counting machines, medical diagnostic equipment, vending machines, robotics, lawn & gardern, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Product Range
Section Pitch(mm) Tooth Height 'b'(mm) Belt Thickness 'c' (mm) Mfg Range Length Designation
Min. Max.
DA-S8M 8.000 3.05 7.50 512mm 6640mm Lp

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