PIX-TERMINATOR®-HXS Heavy-duty, High Power, Banded Wrap Belts


  • Enhanced power transmission capacity
  •      - Up to 40% in PIX-TERMINATOR®-XS Single Belts
         - Up to 55% in PIX-TERMINATOR®-HXS Banded Belts
  • Especially treated outer tough cover fabric reduces sidewall wear rate and offers enhanced flexibility
  • Special frictionless fabric and design to enhance heat dissipation rate
  • Special aramid cord for high tensile strength and minimum elongation
  • Designed to exhibit excellent durability, strength, abrasion and wear resistance
  • Superior performance under heavy shock and impulse load
  • Extended temperature range -25°C to +100°C

Product Range
Sections Manufacturing Range Length
min max
TR-A 40" 100" Li
TR-B 80" 300" Li
TR-C 80" 400" Li
TR-SPB 1600 mm 8000 mm Lp
TR-SPC 2000 mm 10000 mm Lp
TR-3V 45" 150" La
TR-5V 80" 400" La
TR-8V 150" 600" La
TR-HSPB 2100 mm 8000 mm Lp
TR-HSPC 3000 mm 11200 mm Lp
TR-H5V 125" 600" La
TR-H8V 100" 600" La

Application :

  • Vibrating screens, reclaimers, pulverisers, heavy duty mixers, forestry woodcutters, wood chippers, surface miners, stackers, excavators, stone crushers, jaw crushers, cone crushers, ball-mills, etc.

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