PIX-Extractor®-XS (PT-7) Carrot Harvester Belts

horticultural machines Belts


  • Unique top profile design to lift carrots from the fiel
  • High wear resistance outer fabric for longer service life
  • Superior adhesion to eliminate top profile separation
  • Special rubber compound of high tear and crack resistance
  • Ozone, water and heat resistance to minimise premature formation of cracks
  • High tensile strength with minimum elongation
  • Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C

Product Range :
Section Tw(mm) Th(mm) Pattern Height(mm) Angle Min Max
PT7-37(37x25) 37.00 25.00 7.00 40 116" 375"
PT7-D(32x26) 32.00 26.00 7.00 40 142" 900"


Carrot harvesters, horticultural industry

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