PIX-Vector®-XC Belts for the Aviation Industry


  • Enhanced power transmission capacity
  • Special aramid cord offers high tensile strength and negligible elongation
  • Highly flexible, noise-free and smooth running operation
  • Least vibrations
  • Wear resistant, facilitates easy clutch operation
  • Power transmission through a single Belt, eliminating the use of a set-of-Belts
  • Machined ribbed driving surface for maximum area of contact and reduced face pressure
  • Temperature range: -25º to +100ºC

Reference standards


Section Thickness (mm) Rib Pitch (mm) Possible Number of Ribs MDP (MM) Mfg. Range (mm) Length Desig.
Min. Max.
VT-PL 7.6 4.70 2 to 110 75 500 5100 Le


Helicopter / Rotor drive

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