PIX-TopCoat®-XC Packaging Machinery Poly-V Belts


  • Construction comprises of a profile-top-rubber (application-specific)
  • Facilitates excellent cushioning coupled with extra elasticity, to the contact material
  • Excellent flexibility to prevent cracks or tearing
  • Optimum friction, suitable for providing proper support to the contact material
  • Vulcanized as a single piece to ensure excellent adhesion
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Longer service life
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +70°C

Product Range
Belt Section Number of
Ribs possible
Top Coat
Thickness (mm)
Mfg. Range
Min Max
TCP-PJ 6 to 220 4,6,8 & 10 700mm 2000mm
TCP-PK 5 to 140 4,6,8 & 10 700mm 2000mm
TCP-PL 4 to 100 4,6,8 & 10 700mm 2000mm


It is recommended that the Belt selection should strictly be done on the basis of temperature,top coat hardness & the application


Cable & plastic tube extruders, bottling plants, etc.

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