PIX-Duo®-XC Double-sided Poly-V Belts


  • Highly flexible & reduced bending stress
  • Suitable for smaller pulley diameters
  • Optimum performance even at higher speed
  • Suitable for the drives with pulleys rotating in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions
  • Twin contact surface area, power transmission through both the sides of the Belt
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

Product Range
2 to 13 ribs 2 to 28 ribs
Manufacturing Range:
DPK Section: DPL Section:
1200 mm to 3255 mm 1200 mm to 3255 mm

Reference standards:

RMA IP-26, ISO 9982


Flour mills, serpentine drives, textile machinery, engines, industrial compressors, gardening equipment, etc.

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