PIX-X'tremePro™-XTC (Carbon-corded, High-performance Timing Belt)

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  • Highly-engineered HSN compound enhances abrasion, chemical, and weather resistance.
  • Superior power transmission capacity compared to standard Timing Belts.
  • Carbon cords for maintenance-free operation and superior torsional response.
  • Lower operational cost over chain/shaft drives.
  • Specially-woven nylon fabric teeth to extend product life and ensure noise-free operation.
  • Anti-static properties as per ISO 9563.
  • Temperature range: -35°C to +150°C.

Constructional Details

  1. Carbon cords for enhanced dimensional stability offer excellent flex life and high tensile strength.
  2. High-modulus-fibre-loaded HSN compound to withstand high power and high temperature.
  3. Nylon fabric protects the teeth from wear and provides extended service life.


Intermediate sections can be made available upon request

Reference Standard

PIX proprietary


Electric scooters, Electric bikes, Electric bicycles

Product Range

Section Pitch(p) (mm Tooth Heigh (h) (mm) Thickness (mm) Manufacturing Range Length Designation
Min. (mm) Max. (mm)
XTP-8M 8 3.48 6.0 600 4400 Lp
XTP-11M 11 5.00 7.5 1265 1991 Lp

Product Label