Serpentine Belt

In olden days the engines used to be equipped with multiple Belts, performing varied functions. However the modern vehicles are designed to function fully using just a single V-Belt. It is mostly the Poly-V Belt or also known as Serpentine Belt, which is used to power the alternator, power steering, air-conditioning, and all other accessories.

The Serpentine Belt is either a V-Belt of a flat ribbed belt. The advancement in the technology and the rubber compounding has made the Serpentine Belt as the most reliable, single element to drive all the accessories associated with the engine.

The Serpentine Belt may solely operate the alternator or it may also drive other components such as water pump, air compressor, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump etc.

Automotive Poly-V


  • Trapezoid faced ribs on a fibre reinforced rubber matrix for higher power transmission offering good resistance to wear and tear, facilitating quiet running
  • Reduced vibrations, shock absorber, low stretch and an excellent behaviour under heavy load conditions
  • Extremely flexible, capable to work on small pulley diameters and serpentine drives
  • Oil and heat resistant, longer service life
  • Suitable for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery applications
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +100ºC
  • Conforms to ISO 9981, 9982, RMA IP 26 standards

Product Range
Section Thickness(mm) Rib Pitch (mm) MPD(mm) Range Min(mm) Range Max(mm) Length Designation
PK 4.5 3.56 50 280 5100 Le


  • Belts are available in high temperature EPDM construction as well

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