Application Specific Automotive Belts.

PIX-Vector®-XC Belts for Aviation Industry

Specially designed to meet the high power transmission requirements of the rotor-drives used in aero engines. The high modulus rubber compound and the specially treated cord used in the Belt, facilitates vibration & noise-free power transmission.

Aviation industry Poly-V Belts


  • Enhanced power transmission carrying capacity
  • Highly flexible, noise-free and smooth running operation
  • least vibrations
  • Facilitates easy clutch function, wear resistant
  • Power transmission through a single Belt, eliminating the use of a set-of-Belts
  • Machined ribbed driving surface for maximum area of contact and reduced face pressure
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +100ºC

Product Range
Section Top Width(mm) Rib Pitch(mm) No. of possible Ribs Min.Pulley Dia.(mm) Manufacturing Range (mm) Length Designation
min max
PL 7.6 4.7 2 to 110 75.0 500 5080 Le


Helicopter / Rotor drive

PIX-Asymmetra® Asymmetric Belts

Go Kart Drive Belts


  • Torque converter systems
  • High lateral-rigidity & tough
  • Longer life
  • Excellent shock absorbing capacity
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +100ºC

Product Range
Top Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Angle (a) (Degrees) Angle (b) (Degrees) Manufacturing Range (mm) Length Designation
min max
16.0 10.0 18 2 680 2240 La
19.0 10.0 18 2 680 2240 La


Go-karts, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, material handling & industrial equipment, etc.

PIX-FORCE® Scooter Belts

Go Kart Drive Belts


  • Excellent performance and service life
  • Enhanced performance under speed ratio variations
  • Enhanced flexibility, allows it to work on smaller pulley diameters
  • Fiber filled compound enhances resistance to compression, heat, reduces side-wall wear
  • Reference Standard: PIX proprietary

Product Range
Section Top Width 'TW'(mm) Thickness 'TH'(mm) Angle "A"(Degrees) Length Range "L"(mm)
Sc-TW TH A L 10 to 30 10 to 20 30 600 to 1500


Scooter CVT drive

PIX-Duo®-XV Belts for All-terrain Vehicles


  • Absolutely flexible
  • Enhanced power transmission & heat dissipation
  • Special construction allows belt to be used in “Serpentine-drive" system
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +100ºC

Product Range
Top Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Angle (Degrees) Manufacturing Range (mm)
min max
13.0 to 85.0 10.0 to 30.0 22 to 40 23.5 200

PIX-WhiteKnight®-XR Belts for Snowmobiles

PIX-Whiteknight® is a high performance belt, with high horsepower transmitting capacity. It sports Aramid cord for seamless power transmission.

PIX-Whiteknight® is designed to work at very low ambient temperatures, thus are very suitable to be used in snowmobiles and other low temperature applications.

XDX series

PIX-XDX series Belts are specially designed for high speed and extremely high horse power snowmobile drives.

The construction of the Belt comprising of double-sided deep moulded cog profile offers high level of flexibility and the specially formulated compound, reinforced with special fibre and elastomer imparts high heat resistance and an extreme level of dimensional stability.


  • The special compound provides better grip with pulley to improve the efficiency during acceleration & deceleration
  • Aramid cord provides excellent breaking strength
  • Double-sided cog enhance flexibility & accelerate heat dissipation rate
  • Lower slippage value at peak level of drive power
  • Enhance service life & performance

HDX series

PIX-HDX design comprises of special double sided cog profile for medium range horse power snowmobile drives. They are specially designed for CVT application and the aramid cord offers a superior Belt strength.


  • Special compound for better grip under changing speed drives
  • Double-sided cog enhance Belt flexibility & heat dissipation rate
  • Aramid cord provides excellent breaking strength
  • High efficiency & lower slippage
  • Excellent service life

HD series

PIX-HD series Belts are designed for low to medium range horse power snowmobiles drives. The special compound offers high resistance to heat & the aramid cord gives an excellent breaking strength, enhancing the Belt performance.


  • Specially design compound provides better grip to transmit required power at changing speeds
  • Aramid cord provide excellent breaking strength
  • High efficiency & lower slippage for medium power drive
  • Satisfactory service life

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