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In modern technology Tractor has become the heart of most of the agricultural work, at every step of work, right from soil plowing up, harvesting, up to grains loading & belly making, tractor is required.

For consistent performance of the tractor engines, PIX has introduced a special series of Tractor Belts, which cover all the tractor models and the drives.

Depending on different drives & power requirements, specialisedTractor Belts are designed by PIX,for maintenance free operation & optimum efficiency.

PIX Tractor Belts adheres to various International standards such as, BS AU 150b, BS ISO 5287,SAE J 636, JASO E 107, RMA IP-26, ISO 9981 & 9982.

PIX manufactures an extensive range of Belts for Tractor / Tiller engines. They are available in

  • Raw Edge Cogged construction
  • Poly-V Belts
  • Timing Belt

PIX-FORCE® Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Tractor Belts


  • Best suited for next-generation high speed engines
  • Cogged profile offers higher flexibility
  • Offers higher power transmission on smaller pulley diameters
  • Engineered and chemically treated modulus & low stretch tensile cords for higher loads without stretch
  • Compounded for better grip and lateral rigidity
  • Excellent resistant to oil and heat
  • Suitable for HEMM (Heavy earth-moving machinery) applications
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +100ºC
  • Conforms to BS AU 150b, SAE J 636, JASO E 107

Product Range:

Sections: X9.5 / AVX10, X12.5 / AVX13, X10A, X11A, X13A, X15A, X17A, X20A

PIX-FORCE® Ribbed / Poly-V Belts

Tractor Belts


  • Trapezoid faced ribs on a fibre reinforced rubber matrix for higher power transmission offering good resistance to wear and tear, facilitating quiet running
  • Reduced vibrations, shock absorber, low stretch and an excellent behaviour under heavy load conditions
  • Extremely flexible, capable to work on small pulley diameters and serpentine drives
  • Oil and heat resistant, longer service life, suitable for HEMM applications
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +100ºC
  • Conforms to ISO 9981, RMA IP 26 standards
  • Available in EPDM construction also

Product Range:

Section: PK, DPK

Automotive, Synchronous / Timing Belts

Tractor timing Belts


  • Trapezoidal tooth design for sections ZA, ZB and curvilinear tooth design for other sections
  • Precisely formed and accurately spaced teeth ensures smooth engagement with the pulley grooves
  • Fibre glass tensile cords provide excellent strength, flex life and high resistance to elongation
  • Durable backing protects against environmental pollution and friction wear
  • Tough nylon surface protects the tooth surface
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +100ºC
  • Conforms to ISO 9010 / JASO E 105 / JASO E 106 / ISO 12046

Product Range :

Sections: ZA, ZB, ZH, PR, PRM, PRP, YU

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