PIX-EXTRACTOR®-XS Carrot Harvester Belts

PIX-Extractor®-XS Belts are used in carrot harvester machines.

carrot harvester belts


  • Increased adhesion between the belt and top-profile to ensure high resistance to wear and tear
  • Stringent length tolerance to allow high precision to pull through and handling of carrots
  • Specially compounded top profile for smooth and delicate conveyance of carrots
  • The Longer length of the belt offers enhanced cleaning capability

Product Range
Section Range Min.(inch) Range Max.(inch)
PT7 - D 142 900
PT7 - 37x25 116 375
D 44.5 900
C 31 900
PT7-C, PTO-D, PTO-C range is available on request.
Available in Polyester and Kevlar cord constructions.

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