Solutions For Textile Machinery
PIX Belts are recommended in order to ensure precise transmission of power in textile machinery
(High Temperature, Ribbed / Poly-V Belts)
  • High power transmission capacity
  • Special series developed for Jacquard Loom application
  • Designed for improved flexibility
  • Nylon fiber filled rubber composite for superior abrasion resistance
  • Uniform surface finish for smooth working
  • Special cord configuration to meet tensile & power transmission requirement
  • Cost efficient and durable for loom application
(Timing / Synchronous Belts)
  • High efficiency due to positive engagement between the Belt teeth and pulley grooves
  • Fibre-glass cord provides excellent strength, flex life & high resistance to elongation
  • Exact power transmission
  • Improved stress distribution
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C
(Double-sided, Timing Belts)
  • Facilitates power transmission from both sides of the Belt
  • Highly flexible
  • Extended stability, durability, strength and life
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C
(High-power, Maintenance-free, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts)
  • Exceptionally high power rating up to 50% more
    than standard Belts
  • Special cog design facilitates enhanced
    flexibility and quicker heat dissipation
  • High transmission efficiency up to 98%, providing optimum output
  • Maintenance-free property of the Belt ensures less machine downtime and an extended service life
  • Complies with ISO 1813 for anti-static property
  • Space saving potential
  • REACH & RoHS compliant provides an eco-friendly system
  • Smooth operation with a minimum tension-drop
  • Temperature range: -35°C to +130°C
(Ribbed / Poly-V Belts)
  • High power transmission capacity
  • Suitable for small pulley diameters
  • Maximum Belt linear speed up to 60 m/sec
  • Highly flexible, noise-free & smooth running
  • Suitable for speed ratios up to 1:30
  • Anti-static oil & heat resistant
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C