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PIX Transmissions Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Belts and related mechanical Power Transmission products in India. The Company features state-of-the-art Belt manufacturing units as well as an ultra-sophisticated, automated Rubber Mixing facility.

PIX Transmissions Ltd. enjoys significant brand equity in the Power Transmissions industry, with strong local as well global presence. The company has overseas subsidiary operations in Europe, and Middle-East, in addition to over 250 committed Channel Partners in over 100 countries worldwide.


PIX has been at the forefront of development and innovation for the past several years. The culmination of continual investment, rich and diverse experience, technology, state of the art facilities which include a design center, fabrication workshop, and elaborate testing facilities have positioned PIX as a highly-prolific and reliable manufacturer.

The automated Mixing plant, as well as its ultra-modern production facility, reflects favorably on the company’s emphasis on automation as well as Quality. It is this facet that allows the company to offer a compelling value proposition to its customers.


Considering its global customer base, PIX has backed its products by building an impressive support infrastructure in several key markets across the globe including the UK, Germany, and UAE. Each of these locations houses a Distribution Centre and is equipped to provide technical, commercial, and logistical support. PIX is perhaps among a few global companies in its Industry to feature high level of infrastructure outside the home country.

The key strength of PIX is its growing network of independent, committed, and loyal Channel Partners over 100 countries worldwide. Relationships based on performance and trust have been the hallmark of PIX’s strength in this regard. PIX is also proud to count some of the market leaders in key application verticals among its many OEM customers.


PIX is known as a company that helps to foster a culture of good corporate governance, keeping high the interests of its customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders, by following best practices, robust processes and sound business ethics in achieving growth. PIX is also acutely aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility and has implemented several initiatives to ensure safe, ethical and environmentally-friendly practices.


Environmental sustainability is achieved by the use of eco-friendly material and practices required in the manufacturing process to an optimum level. The industrial waste water which is generated during the manufacturing process is treated at our Effluent Treatment Plant and recycled for the gardening purposes. The domestic waste water is treated at our Sewage Treatment Plant and also reutilized for green landscaping purposes. PIX products are free from any candidate substance of high concern according to directives of REACH/ROHS from the EU.