Lawnmower Belts

PIX-Duo® -XT Double-sided Timing Belts

Certain critical drives demands for the Belt made up of Aramid or Kevlar® Cord (Kevlar Belts) in place of the polyester cord. Kevlar® Cord is an organic polyaramidefibre, which is manufactured using complex chemical processes. It is generally used where the power transmission requirements are very critical, apart from space restrictions on the permissible installation and take up allowances

Advantages of Kevlar® Cord Belts -

  • Kevlar Belts has the highest strength to weight ratio, i.e. 2 to 3 times higher than other organic fibers.
  • Lower elongation eliminates resetting / re-tensioning of the Kevlar® cord Belts
  • Belts manufactured using Kevlar® cord offers reduced belt thickness and lower Belt weight.
  • Kevlar Belts offers higher strength and negligible elongation.

Kevlar Belts are recommended, where -

  • There are restrictions on the drive-width.
  • The installation & take-up allowances are minimal.
  • Critical drives.

PIX-Duo®-XT Double Sided Timing Belts


  • Facilitates power transmission from both sides of the Belt
  • Highly flexible
  • Extended stability, durability, strength and life
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

Product Range
Section Pitch(mm) Tooth Height 'b'(mm) Belt Thickness 'c' (mm) Mfg Range Length Designation
Min. Max.
DA-S8M 8.000 3.05 7.50 512mm 6640mm Lp

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