PIX-Duo®-XS-N Double-Sided Notched Belts


  • Absolutely flexible
  • Transmits power from both the sides
  • This special construction allows Belt to be used in “Serpentine-drive" system
  • Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C

Product Range :
Section Tw(mm) Th(mm) Angle MPD(mm) Min(inch/mm) Max(inch/mm)
N-CC 24.0 30.0 40 224.0 155 / 3937 922 / 23419


Hexagonal Belts finds application in the drives where several pulleys in the same plane are to be driven in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, simultaneously. The polyester tension cord placed at the centre of the construction provides extreme flexibility and low stretch properties. Because of specific cord positioning, the Belts are not subjected to any other forces, as in the case of normal V-Belts. These are also used in rice mills. However, off late these Belts are also used in industrial drives.

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