Timing Belts


  • High efficiency due to positive engagement between Belt teeth and pulley grooves
  • Maintenance-free, no re-tensioning & high tension required
  • Fibre glass cord provides strength, excellent flex life & high resistance to elongation
  • Exact power transmission
  • Low noise level & longer service life
  • Improved stress distribution
  • Temperature range: -25ºC to +80ºC

Product Range
Section Pitch(mm) Tooth Height 'b' (mm) Belt Thickness 'c' (mm) Manufacturing Range Length Designation
MXL 2.032 0.59 1.14 21MXL to 1771MXL Lp
XXL 3.175 0.76 1.52 50XXL to 219XXL Lp
XL 5.080 1.27 2.30 44XL to 2128XL Lp
L 9.525 1.91 3.60 67L to 2700L Lp
H 12.700 2.29 4.30 145H to 2720H Lp
XH 22.225 6.35 11.20 463XH to 2275XH Lp
XXH 31.750 9.53 15.70 625XXH to 2000XXH Lp
cut classical belt


Suitable for drives demanding exact power transmission such as robotic machines, textile machinery, CNC machines, electronic equipment such as printers, scanners, currency counting machines etc.

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