PIX-Duo®-XV Double-Cog Variable Speed Belts

varispeed Double sided Cog belts


  • Reduced bending stress allows the Belt to transmit maximum power on smaller pulley diameters
  • Cog profile on both the sides provide excellent flexibility, facilitating longer service life
  • Excellent drive performance even at elevated temperatures, the spacing between the cogs facilitates better heat dissipation
  • Tension member placed at the neutral axis of this Belt provides low stretch properties
  • Smooth functioning as a result of transverse rigidity, greater toughness & superior finish
  • Robust construction helps superior power transmission capacity
  • Wear resistant sidewalls to provides the best wedging effect and higher efficiency
  • Equipped to withstand flexing action, resistant to fatigue and reduce slippage, facilitates smooth performance at extremely high varying loads and rpm
  • Superior resistance to oil, heat and are also antistatic
  • Temperature range: -25˚C to +100˚C

Product Range :
Section Tw (mm) Th (mm) Angle Min (inch) Max (inch)
13.0 to 85.0 10.0 to 30.0 22 to 40 23.5 200


This special construction allows belt to be used in “Serpentine-drive" system e.g. rice mills

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