Combine Belts

PIX manufactures and exhaustive range of Belts used in Harvester Combines. The range includes Belts in

  • Wrap construction
  • Raw Edge Cogged construction &
  • Poly-V Belts


  • Designed especially for reverse idler applications, which is common in harvester combines
  • Belts are longitudinal flexible, suited for smaller pulley diameters and reverse idlers
  • Resistant to bottom cracks / chipping
  • Offers excellent resistance to loads during operation
  • High temperature resistant
  • High power transmission capacity
  • Low stretch, due to high strength tensile cords
  • Excellent performance under variable speed conditions
  • Lateral rigidity of Belts, prevent belt deformation
  • Temp.range: -18ºC to +90ºC for regular Belts & -25ºC to +100ºC for special requirement Belts
  • Conforms to standards ASAE 211.4, BS 3790, DIN 2215, RAM IP 22, ISO 4184, IS 2494, ISO 5289, IS 11038 & ISO 3410

Product Range:


Classical section: A, B, C, D, E, 20, 25
Wedge section: SPZ, SPA, SPB, 19, SPC

PIX-Harvester®-HXS Banded Belts

Sections: HA, HB, HC, H5V

PIX-Harvester®-VS Variable Speed Belts

Sections: 25x13, 32x15, 38x18, 45x20, 51x20

PIX-Harvester®-DS Hexagonal Belts

Sections: BB, CC


Sections: 3L, 4L, 5L

PIX-MUSCLE®-XS High Power, Maintenance-free Belts

Sections: SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V, 5V, 8V

PIX-Harvester®-AGF Flat Belts

Sections: 100Fx6, 114Fx6, 120Fx6, 125Fx6, 127Fx6, 135Fx6, 140Fx6, 150Fx6


  • Excellent longitudinal flexibility, due to specially designed cog profile
  • Antistatic, anti-ozonant, oil & heat resistant
  • Unique lateral rigidity to reduce dishing effect, facilitating high power transmission
  • Specially designed compound for significant performance under variable speed conditions
  • High power transmission capacity
  • Low stretch
  • No bottom cracking / chipping

Product Range :


Classical section: AX, BX, CX
Wedge section: XPA, XPB, XPC
Narrow section: 5VX

PIX-Harvester®-HXR Banded Belts

Sections: HAX, HBX, HCX, H5VX

PIX-Harveser®-XV Variable Speed Beltss

Sections: 22V-A22/1422V, 30V-A22/1922V, 37V-A22/2322V, 30V-A26/1926V, 46V-A26/2926V, 51V-A26/3226V, 40V-A30/2530V, 51V-A30/3230V, 70V-A30/4430V, 64V-A36/4036V, 70V-A36/4436V, 76V-A36/4836V, HG, HH, HI, HJ, HK, HL, HM, HN, HO

PIX-Duo®-XV Double Cog Variable Speed Belts

Top width from 13mm to 85mm, Angle 22º to 40º, Range from 23.5" to 200"

PIX-Duo®-XR3 Hexagonal Double Cog Belts

Sections: AAX, BBX, CCX

PIX-Muscle®-XR High Power, Maintenance-free Belts

Sections: XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC, 3VX, 5VX

PIX-Force® Automotive Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Sections: X9.5 / AVX10, X12.5 / AVX13, X10A, X11A, X13A, X15A, X17A, X20A


  • CR impregnated biased fabric
  • Specially designed cushion rubber compound
  • High modulus low stretch special polyester cord
  • High modulus compression rubber
  • Temp. range: -30ºC to +110ºC
  • Conforms to standards: ASAE 211.4, ISO 9981, RMA IP 26

Product Range:

Sections: PJ, PK, PL, PM

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